About us

Since 1972 Seven Dials Housing Co-op has managed permanent and short-life properties on behalf of landlords in the Covent Garden area. While our area is known throughout the world as theatre-land, gourmet haven and tourist trail, there are a lot of ordinary people who live here.

All tenants are members of the co-op and a management committee is elected from the membership.  As members are not housing professionals nor get paid for their time, an administrator with housing experience and knowledge of housing law is employed by the co-op to administrate day to day tasks and give advice to the Management Committee on housing law and practice.

Seven Dials is a fully-mutual Housing Co-operative, which means that all the members of the organisation are housed by the Co-op.

The organsation is run entirely by members, with all the day to day decisions of management and maintenance of the properties made by the Management Committee, who are elected each year by the membership.

The Co-op is a not-for-profit company, so any surplus can be used to further the work of the Co-op in housing people and looking after its properties. The Co-op employs an administrator and engages auditors, solicitors, architects, surveyors and other outside expertise as necessary.

The Co-op is registered with the Housing Corporation, which monitors all registered housing associations and Co-ops. Seven Dials is a member of the National Federation of Housing Associations and affiliated to the London Federation of Housing Co-ops, which underpins the aim of keeping up with new ideas and best practices in housing management.

The size and constitution of the Co-op yield unique benefits in terms of our ability to look after members housing and related interests.